Here at NewCold we operate our state-of-the-art cold store warehouses with excellence in quality and efficiency for our customers. We are growing rapidly and we like you to come and join our passionate team.

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Careers at NewCold

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About NewCold - Advanced Cold Logistics

An integrated service provider for cold chain logistics

It is NewCold's mission to serve the customer
  • Fill in an indispensable link in the cold supply chain.
  • Service levels are priority 1 and NewCold’s reporting of service level metrics will lead the frozen food supply chain.
  • NewCold drives quality and efficiency improvements throughout the supply chain and desires to be recognized as the world wide reliable partner .

 We are different from the rest

  • Design and build solutions based on in-house engineering.
  • Proprietary Warehouse Management System (DAVANTI).
  • Management and Operational Expertise over the total Supply Chain.
  • Customized Supply Chain Solutions with door to door deliveries including transport.

Working for NewCold

What we stand for

NEWCOLD is establishing its operating culture around 4 pillars:

LOYALTY – loyalty to customers, the corporate mission, and each other in pursuit of the highest service levels in the industry. NewCold seeks to sustain a partner relationship with each customer.

CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT – NewCold is the technological leader and continued development of new technology, systems and people is a critical focus.

PASSION – NewCold expects its employees and managers to be passionate about supply chain services and passionate about pleasing the customer.

COMMUNICATION – We value open and clear communication throughout the organization. The way we communicate with customers, suppliers and employees must always reflect clarity, transparency, honesty and timeliness.

What we have to offer

NewCold is a young but yet powerful company in logistic services. NewCold has the ambition and the potential  to rapidly grow to be the market leader in the field of modern automated cold storage and supply chain services as transport and distribution. In time NewCold will be building multiple new facilities a year in Europe, North America and Australia. Therefore we can offer the possibility to execute great and challenging projects in different locations.

NewCold designs and develops these projects for their own use. We exploid these cold storage facilities based on long term contracts with the major producers in the cold chain logistics branche. By doing so we can enrich our knowledge through experiences of the end users which enables us to deliver even better on projects to come.

NewCold’s headquarters is in Breda om the 5th floor above the new train station. Gravinnen van Nassau boulevard 105, 4811 BN Breda.

NewCold Office Locations

We've got offices in:

NewCold Wakefield

Newmarket Lane, Wakefield, United Kingdom

NewCold Rheine

Offenbergweg 11, Rheine, Deutchland

NewCold Argentan

Route de Putanges, Argentan, France

NewCold Breda (HQ)

Gravinnen van Nassauboulevard 150, Breda, Nederland

NewCold Kutno

Intermodalna 6, 99-300 Kutno, Poland